Stephen Stanton

Mr. Stanton is the worldwide convener of the human rights organization Cedarwatch – Human Rights for Lebanon, established in June 1995 in Montreal, Canada, as a body to promote and protect the observance of human rights and to address human rights abuses in the Republic of Lebanon. This came about as a result of the imprisonment of Dr Samir Geagea and other prominent members of the Lebanese Forces by the then Government of Lebanon under the hegemony of Syria and ultimately Hezbollah. As a convener of that organization, he gave evidence in refugee tribunals in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, USA, Sweden and Australia.

Stephen Stanton is Counsel for the World Presidents of the World Lebanese Cultural Union – the sole organization claiming to represent the Lebanese Diaspora throughout the world to advance culture and socio economic issues for the preservation of the Lebanese way of life throughout the Diaspora. Apart from the numerous refugee activities undertaken in November 2017, a submission was co-authored to the US State Department for the removal of the Lebanese Forces as a Tier III Terrorist Organization, which was successfully negotiated and achieved in March 2018, as acknowledged by the US Department of State.

Stanton has countless of honorary awards for his work all over the globe. He is a New South Wales native of Lebanese descent and has a law degree from the University of Sydney.

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