Advocating with Decision Makers in The U.S.

Honorable Darin LaHood

Two meetings with the US Representative Darin LaHood: Co-Chair of the US-Lebanon Friendship Caucus and presently also serves on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and on the House Ways and Means Committee. 

Honorable Mark Takano

A meeting with the US Representative Mark Takano who presently serves as Chair of the House Veterans’ Affairs. As a result of our meeting, Congressman Takano joined the US-Lebanon Friendship Caucus. 

Honorable Adam Schiff

A meeting with the US Representative Adam Schiff who presently serves as the Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. As a result of our meeting, Congressman Schiff joined the US-Lebanon Friendship Caucus.

Honorable Eric Swalwell

A meeting with the US Representative Eric Swalwell who is Co-Chair of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and serves on the House Judiciary Committee as well as on of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Honorable Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal

A joint meeting with the Honorable Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal.  The Honorable Chris Murphy is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism,  and the Honorable Richard Blumenthal serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Both Senators visited Lebanon in 2021.  The meeting with the two Senators included the members of LACC’s Steering Committee as well as members of the Lebanese American constituency in Connecticut.


Press Releases

Lebanon in the Eye of the Storm: A Policy Brief 

Lebanon in the Eye of the Storm: A Policy Brief 

The Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee (LACC) is closely monitoring  the escalation on the southern borders of Lebanon due to the ongoing conflict  in Gaza. Amid this precarious time for Lebanon, LACC stresses the following: The strong condemnation of targeting...

LACC Delegation to Lebanon

Honorable Dorothy Shea

A meeting with the US Ambassador to Lebanon, the Honorable Dorothy Shea, and with representatives of her team.

Sovereignty Front

A meeting with the Sovereignty Front represented by Camille Chamoun president of the Ahrar party and by other opposition leaders

Lebanese Forces Party

A meeting with the President of the Lebanese Forces party Dr. Samir Geagea.

Independence Movement

A meeting with Michel Moawad, an independent opposition leader.

Project Watan

A meeting with Ne’mat Frem, an independent opposition leader.


Lebanese Living Societal Stakeholders

A meeting with civic Lebanese opposition leaders. 


The UN

Meeting with The UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Mrs. Joanna Wronecka 15-07-2022

Likaa Saydet El Jabal

A meeting with Likaa Saydet El Jabal 15-07-2022  



A with the Convention. 


El Jabha El Siyadya

Meeting with El Jabha El Siyadya 18-07-2022


Koutlat Tajaddad

A meeting with Koutlat Tajaddad 18-07-2022


MP Neemat Frem

A meeting with MP Neemat Frem – Project Watan El Ensan 19-07-2022


Reformists MPs

Meeting with Reformists MPs 19-07-2022


Arab League Ambassador

A meeting with the Arab League Ambassador in Beirut H.E. Abdel Rahman Solh 20-07-2022


The Kataeb MPs

A meeting with The Kataeb MPs 20-07-2022


LAF Commander General

Meeting with LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun 20-07-2022


USA Ambassador

A meeting with United States of America Ambassador H.E. Dorothy Shea 21-07-2022


KSA Ambassador

A meeting with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ambassador H.E. Dr. Walid El Boukhari 21-07-2022


Civic Influence Hub

Meeting with the Civic Influence Hub Board of Directors 21-07-2022


Walid Jumblat

A meeting with the President of PSP Mr. Walid Jumblat 21-07-2022



LACC Press Conference



Samir Geagea

Meeting with the the President of LF Dr. Samir Geagea 22-07-2022


Strategic Planning Session



State Department Meeting



Delegation of The European Union




Congressman Cicilline Meeting



French Embassy Damien Cristofari Meeting



Delegation of The European Union




Strategic Planning Session



Christophe Pierre Apostolic Nuncio Ambassador to the United States



Congressman Jim Himes Meeting




Congressional US-Lebanese Friendship Caucus Co-Chairs Darin Lahoud and Darell Issa Meeting



Congressional US-Lebanese Friendship Caucus Member Congressman Mark Takano Meeting



“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.” -Khalil Gibran

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