Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Guiding Principles


LACC is devoted to protecting the sovereignty, independence, democracy, pluralism, diversity, and freedoms, as well as national and human security in Lebanon. LACC values the historical legacy of Lebanon where diverse communities live peacefully together and continue to contribute and enrich the future of Lebanon.


LACC aims to strengthen the US-Lebanon relationships in ways that benefit both countries and enhance their security. We work to deepen the knowledge of decision makers and thought leaders in the US on the mutual interests and the bonds that unite the two countries.

Guiding Principles

The Coordinating Committee’s joint document sets out its principles, which will govern its operations and advocacy with officials and decision-making centers in Washington. The goal will be to mobilize support for Lebanon on the following grounds:


to affirm the sovereignty and authority of the Lebanese State over all Lebanese territory. This will require disarming all non-state armed groups in accordance with the Taif Agreement and the Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council relating to the issue of Lebanon.


to enshrine the principle of citizenry through the introduction of a Bill of Rights. This will 1) establish equal rights and duties for all the Lebanese, 2) ensure the political, economic, and social rights 3) protect diversity through a stronger judiciary and judicial process, and 4) hold the Lebanese government to higher standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability—all in the service of its people. This new social contract will carry through the implementation of long-awaited reforms that would stop the collapse, hold to account corrupt officials responsible for the crisis, and rebuild a sustainable, productive, and competitive Lebanon. 


to guarantee the right of Lebanese citizens to choose their representatives. We affirm free and fair elections under international supervision and an independent Election Management Board (EMB) to achieve a parliament that truly reflects the aspirations of the Lebanese people for freedom, sovereignty, and independence under a strong and just state.


to affirm the Lebanese security forces’ main obligation to defend the freedom and safety of all Lebanese citizens from dangers inside and outside the country. We urge the international community to continue its support to the Lebanese Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces, in order to strengthen their operational readiness, maintain public order, and ensure the rights of all Lebanese.


to insist on the independence of the judiciary so that it may conduct transparent and credible investigations, including but not limited to cases of corruption and waste of public money, as well as the investigation into the Beirut port explosion.


to call on the United States of America, the European Union, the United Nations, the League of Arab States and the international community at large to support Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty and to preserve Lebanon as a home for democracy in the Middle East and a land of diversity and inclusion.

At this moment, my soul is in Lebanon, my heart in Paris, and my body in New York.

-Ameen Rihani

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