Physician & President of the Lebanese Information Center (LIC)

Dr. Joseph Gebeily is a physician and the president of the Lebanese Information Center (LIC) in the US.

A family doctor based in Maryland, Dr Gebeily served on the faculty board of both Georgetown and George Washington Universities.

Outside the clinic and the classroom, however, Dr. Gebeily is considered one of the most recognizable faces of Lebanese activism in the diaspora and a leading expert on Lebanese politics and US-Lebanese relations. Dr. Gebeily was forced into exile from Lebanon in 1993 by the Syrian-installed Lebanese regime in a campaign against the opposition to the Syrian occupation.

In 1999, he founded the Lebanese Information Center(LIC). Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the LIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to a free and sovereign Lebanon in the best national interests of the United States of America. LIC conducts on-the-ground research, provides contextual information and analysis, and engages in advocacy efforts in the United States.

Led by Dr. Gebeily, the LIC maintains regular contact with US administration officials, members of Congress, and policymakers, as well as Lebanese officials and political leaders. In addition, LIC has an established relationship with the UN organization in New York.

Under Dr. Gebeily’s leadership, the LIC has established itself as the preeminent Lebanese American grassroots organization with several hundred active members, chapters across the whole US territory and a key player in advocating for Lebanon in Washington.

Dr. Gebeily has authored several policy papers on US-Lebanon relations, particularly from the political and security perspectives. He has been a guest on Lebanese, Arab and US media.

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