Positions & Activities

  • Executive Director of the American Lebanese Policy Institute
  • Former President of the American Lebanese Coalition
  • Chairman of the LebaneseAmericanKataeb organization 19992003
  • Middle East Political and terrorism analyst.
  • Activist and lobbyist onMiddle Eastern Affairs since 1992 in the USA.
  • Lectured at the University of Miami, Florida International University,and Florida Atlantic University on the threat of Radical Islam and Jihadist in the Middle East, Adults continuing education.


  • Distinguished Accomplishments with fellow activists:Passing of the “Syria Accountability and Lebanon Sovereignty Restoration Act” SALSRA which enabled the US administration to impose sanctions on the Syrian Regime for helping terroristorganizations in the Middle East.
  • Passing and implementingUNSCR 1559, 1595, 1640,and 1701.UNSCR1559 triggered what is known as the Cedar Revolution the withdrawal of Syrian occupation from Lebanon after 30 years.
  • Activistssubmits confidential reports about the current situation in the Middle East region particularly Lebanon to the State Department, Defense Department and National Security Council.

    Joseph Hage is a political analyst and commentator on International Affairs particularly Middle Eastern affairs and Terrorism.

    Multilingual communicator(Arabic, French, Spanish & English)


  • Regular appearances on the Spanishspeakingnetworks as a political analyst on the Middle East and Terrorism on CÑN, Mega TV with Maria Elvira Salazar, America TeVe Channel 41 (Local Spanish TV)withPedro Sevcec,Tele Miami, NTN24, Venezuela TV, France24among others; Radio station Actualidad 1040, Cada Tarde with Carines Moncada and Agustin Acosta most listen to AM station in South Florida.

  • Appearances on the Arab speaking channels;LebaneseBroadcasting Corporation (LBC), MTV, AlArabia TV,and AlJazeera.

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