Upcoming Conference



Upcoming Conference



   Lebanon’s Predicament and Policy Choices

Conference Agenda


8:00am Participants arrival, registration, and light breakfast

9:00am Welcoming remarks: Ferris Wehbe, President Our New Lebanon

9:05am Opening remarks: The Honorable Darin LaHood, United States Representative and Chair of the US-Lebanon Friendship Caucus.

9:20am Panel I – Lebanon’s Political System: Risks and Challenges
          Moderator: Dr. Joseph Gebeily, President the Lebanese Information Center
          Speakers:    Dr. Wajih Kanso, Engineering Professor AUB & LACC Advisor
                               Mr. Ziad El Sayegh, Executive Director, Civic Influence Hub (CIH) & LACC
                               Lebanon Partner

10:50am Panel II – Lebanon’s Sovereignty: Towards a National Security Approach
          Moderator: The Honorable Walid Maalouf, President Lebanese American         
                               Renaissance Partnership
          Speakers:    General Khalil Helou, Lebanese Army, retired
                               Colonel Abbas Dahouk, US Army, retired, & LACC Advisor

12:20pm Luncheon 
           Introduction:         Mr. Milad Zohrob, President Assembly for Lebanon
           Keynote Address: US Department of State

1:30pm Panel III – Lebanon’s Foreign Policy: The Regional and International Context
           Moderator: Mrs. May Rihani, Director of the Washington Bureau, World Lebanese
                                Cultural Union
           Speakers: Dr. Phillipe Salem, Director the Salem Oncology Center & LACC Advisor
                             Ms. Hanin Ghaddar, Washington Institute of Near East Policy & LACC

3: 00pm Coffee Break

3:15pm Panel IV – Lebanon’s Socio-Economic reforms: A Way Forward
         Moderator: Dr. Rand Ghayad, Economist and Faculty member at Harvard University
         Speakers:   Mr. Hung Tran, Non-resident Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council; & Former
                             Executive Managing Director, Institute of International Finance
                             Ms. Jessica Obeid, Non-resident Scholar Middle East Institute

4:45 pm Closing remarks: Mr. Pierre Maroun, President Shields of United Lebanon

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