Press Release

The Lebanese Coordinating Committees in America, Canada and France

(LACC) – (CCLC) – (CCLF) 

Towards the implementation of the International Resolutions, especially 1701 and  2650. 

The request to avoid and modify them does not represent Lebanon.  

As part of its following of the Lebanese official diplomatic attempt, which is  malicious in nature, aimed at altering the provisions of Resolutions 1701 and  2650, particularly regarding the freedom of movement of UNIFIL forces to  facilitate the execution of their missions, and following a series of consultations  among Lebanese diaspora organizations affiliated with the, the Lebanese American Coordinating Committee (LACC), the Coordinating Committee  Lebanese-Canadians (CCLC) and the Lebanese-French Coordinating Committee  (CCLF) with the Civic Influence Hub (CIH) as the Lebanese advisory organization  to the committees, affirms the following: 

  1. The continued violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty through the attempt to  legitimize an illegitimate power associated with an agenda unrelated to  Lebanese national security is clear. The Official Lebanese Diplomacy is  harnessing this illegitimate power within the United Nations Security Council,  thereby undermining the Lebanese Constitution and compromising Lebanon’s  commitment to UN resolutions. All of this points to the existential threat that  Lebanon faces at all levels. 
  2. The irresponsible haste of the Official Lebanese Diplomacy in attempting to  modify the Resolutions 1701 and 2650, after the content of these resolutions  has been violated over the years by Hezbollah and its Lebanese and non Lebanese allies, cannot in any way represent the Sovereign Lebanese Forces,  including residents and diaspora. This confirms that the alliance between the  Mafia and the Militia is moving along in its project to alter Lebanon’s identity  through its constitution, as well as the affiliation of Lebanon with the United  Nations and the League of Arab States, of which Lebanon is a founding  member, and its commitment to their decisions. It is therefore necessary for  Lebanon to reject this systematic destruction of the principle of a free, sovereign, just, and independent state with the assistance of sovereign forces,  societal forces, the Diaspora, and friends of Lebanon in the free world. 
  1. Lebanon, as a founding member of the United Nations, maintains its position  in accordance with the application of its Constitution and International  Resolutions, 1559, 1680, 1701, and 2650. These resolutions condemn the  actions of Official Lebanese Diplomacy and consider them an affront to  Lebanon’s National Security and the safety of its people, rising to the level of  organized crime whose perpetrators will be held accountable sooner or later.  These coordinating committees also call on friends of Lebanon in the free  world and the member states of the Security Council to reject all attempts to  overturn these resolutions. And the committees applaud, in the context of  what was mentioned above, all the humanitarian support provided by UNIFIL  forces to the Lebanese community in all the areas they are present.
  1. We condemn Israel’s repeated attacks on Lebanese sovereignty and call for  the legitimate borders of Lebanon to be monitored to combat illegal trafficking  of all types of contraband that violate Lebanon’s Sovereignty, Peace, and  Security, exacerbating the economic and social crisis. We urge the  International Community to definitively delineate the borders of Lebanon with  Israel and Syria. 

The Lebanese-American, Lebanese-Canadian , and Lebanese-French,  Coordinating Committees ( LACC, CCLC, CCLF) reaffirm their commitment to the  Lebanese people to continue the battle towards the Lebanese Cause and to  free the Lebanese state from its captors. 


Washington, Paris, Ottawa 



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