The Lebanese American Coordinating Committee (LACC) commends
Lebanese expatriates for their extensive efforts to register to vote in the
upcoming parliamentary elections. The record number of nearly a quarter
of a million registered expatriates demonstrates their continued attachment
to their motherland and their determination to exercise their democratic
rights as part of its political process.
This could not have been done without diaspora organizations. The LACC,
among others, seriously campaigned to ensure that Lebanese expatriates
were engaged, and registered on time.
But our work is not finished. The LACC reminds all Lebanese who have
registered that they must acquire the documents required for voting,
whether a valid Lebanese passport, identification card, or any other
approved document, and contact the nearest Lebanese embassy or
consulate to confirm the validity of their identification document. As the
elections draw closer, the LACC will continue to ensure that Lebanese
expatriates have access to all the information they need to vote freely.
This vote is vital for Lebanon’s political future, as it will shape both the
next government and the election of a new president. We encourage all
resident Lebanese and all registered Lebanese in the diaspora to vote. The
results of the upcoming parliamentary election will begin the process
rebuilding a Lebanon free of unlawful armed militias and deeply corrupt
politicians — a Lebanon sovereign and prosperous, worthy of the
aspirations of its people, both residents and expatriates.

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